Martial Art

Martial arts are self-defense techniques born in Asian countries. Martial art involves the entire body to attain overall fitness which leads to more strength, stamina and flexibility. This art form stresses on hand and foot combat; the whole muscular system of the body is activated. While some forms of martial art focuses on using one’s feet to attack or disarm an opponent, they are however not violent in the purest form. They are used to promote self- discipline and have strong religious elements.
Martial Arts

The martial or fighting arts is an urge to fight and compete between individuals or groups. As societies today have become larger and complex, the importance of warriors and military effectiveness has increased. Some martial arts are also regarded as spiritual. “Historical European” martial arts that were around until modern times are still being reconstructed by several organizations. All these things tell us that thousands of years back people were interested in learning ways to protect themselves and their loved ones

The word Martial art comes from the ancient name of Mars, the Roman god of war. Regardless of its origin the term “Martial arts” is the art of war. Respecting your teacher, learning to work hard, accepting criticism and finding out more than you thought possible helps you grow as a person. All techniques in martial arts can be modified and adapted for people of different abilities. Of course before you embark on any physical exercise or program believe that your progress and success is based on finding what you can do rather than focusing on what you cannot do.

The Martial arts as system of combat techniques helps for defending yourself and becoming physically fit and impressing your friends with your jump- spinning kicks.